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What I learned how to do at the Photoshop Design Camp was how to use intermediate level skills in the Adobe Photoshop program.  Specifically we were taught how to make a person “disappear” as we manipulated the clothes, shadows, and background to erase the skin of the person.

I will use these skills to help me specifically in classes as I need to use Photoshop to create visual enhancement for projects.  I will also use it for personal matters such as touching up photos and making a poster for myself.

I believe that the project we did was entirely related to this class.  We were utilizing digital media to create symbolic representations of people that ignored gender, race, or any other form of discrimination and focused solely on the actions of an individual.  While still celebrating the uniqueness of every human being it is important to realize that we are all in fact the same creatures.  I also believe that this is incredibly symbolic of the fact that people should not be judged based off of identifying features, but rather on the content of their character and the actions that they choose to engage in.

I also included the specific picture that I created in the design camp using my newly obtained skills.  It is a picture of a human being and you have a near full understanding of the situation with no idea as to the race or gender of the individual.  This further reinforces the idea that discrimination based on race and gender is ridiculous and unwarranted.

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  1. Nice connection to class! All the same, my first thought on seeing that image was of erasure. If we don’t see someone’s identifying features, race and gender and so forth, does that also mean that we won’t see the person (or won’t understand them)?

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