WordPress Design Camp

I attended the design camp that explained the process of developing a website using WordPress. I created my own website using the techniques taught in the camp. Specific parts of WordPress were explained so that we would understand how to set everything up. It was really fun to design and set up a template for the type of vibe I was going for on my website. The process of creating it really made me understand the work that goes into developing a website.

I’ve always wanted to start my own bakery. I even have a logo developed for when I can actually start one. I used this time in the design camp to create a website for this imaginary bakery that I own. Even though I don’t actually have a running bakery, the knowledge from this camp will help me develop a website for it when need be. I also might change my major to Graphic Design, which somewhat involves developing websites. Thus, information from this camp will be useful in classes that I take for that major.

This is relevant to this class, because we used WordPress to post blogs. The class’s website was also developed using WordPress, so we’ve been using this program the entire semester. It can be used in many different ways. Creating a website using this program can allow someone to develop their own blog or simply create a website where they organize things they’ve created. We’ve talked a lot about different technologies in this class, and WordPress is one that would be really useful for someone who needs to voice their opinions. Someone in our class could start their own website and blog about things that we talked about in discussion.

The Twine project we did in class involved presenting a story/game about some relevant topic. A WordPress website could be used for similar purposes. It just wouldn’t be a game.

The readings about censoring pictures and videos online could be relevant to this topic of websites. I’m not sure if people also sensor overall websites that are developed, but I’m sure there are individuals out there who develop disturbing websites that need to be deleted. Workers in other countries could censor Websites developed using WordPress. Overall, this program is very useful when it comes to expressing ones ideas, which is quite relevant to what we’ve learned in class.

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