How the class will work

Our class is divided into four units. For each one, you will create a project. Each unit will have the same structure, though some will involve additional screenings or workshops.

As we have a long class late in the day, we will take a 20-minute break at approximately 5pm to replenish our blood sugar and caffeine levels. Bringing snacks to share with the class is encouraged.

Session 1: introduce and explore.
The first class in each unit will introduce key terms and concepts, building on assigned readings. In the second half of class, the unit’s creative project will be introduced and we will experiment with ideas for how to carry it out.

Session 2: dig deeper.
These classes will focus on discussion of more complex readings that will deepen our understanding of the issues and influence the creative work we are doing. The first half of class will be led by a group of 2-3 students, who will present on the readings and share examples. In the second half of class, we will use workshops, exercises, or extended discussions to clarify our shared understanding of the issues at hand, especially as they relate to student projects.

Session 3: workshop projects.
Each student will share their project with the class. Then we will workshop our work in small groups and discuss how our creative work has impacted our understanding of the unit’s key questions and debates. You will have two days after this class to incorporate peer feedback before you have to submit your final unit project to me for grading.

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