Requirements and points (500 total)

200 points for unit projects (50 points per project)
100 points for blog responses to readings (20 points per post)
50 points for in-class participation
50 points for in-class activities (quizzes, short writing or creative assignments, and so on)
25 points for leading class discussion (as part of a group, one time in the semester)
25 points for your final reflective presentation
25 points for online participation via Twitter
25 points for attending one of this semester’s Design Camps and reporting on it in a blog post.

Your grade for the class is based on performance throughout the semester, not just a final project or exam. As you can see, your grade also counts on your working at being a good member of the class community. We each have different skills and experiences, and we should use them cooperatively and collaboratively.

A significant part of your grade in this class will come from your participation as a citizen, co-creator, and team member: working with your classmates and helping them to make their work the best it can be will help you do well. Grades are not curved; I want everyone to do well (not least because teaching is much more rewarding for me when everyone brings their best to class).

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