First blog: Introduce yourself to the class.

Due Friday January 30 at 5pm. If you are a new member joining the class during the add/drop period, your introductory blog will be due by the end of the week in which you join us.

Write a blog post that includes the following:

1. A paragraph introducing yourself to the class and to anyone who might be reading. Include the Twitter ID you will be using – but you do NOT need to include your full name.

2. Find an image, video, or link that tells us something about race, gender, and/or labor on the internet. Make sure to embed the image or video in your post, and to link back to where you found it (with a HTML link coded correctly, not just a pasted URL).
Briefly answer the questions: where does this come from? What does it mean?

3. Tell us which part of the course you are most looking forward to.